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Starting from the ground up

Grow your farm in the RIGHT direction with the RIGHT tools!

As farmers ourselves, we know all too well that no crop is guaranteed. We've combed through the varieties out there and are proud to offer a selection of high quality bulk pedigreed seed from Canterra Seeds , Alliance Seeds, and Secan, as well as a strong selection of Canterra Seeds canola.


Things can change in the blink of an eye. BUT with the right tools in your tool box, you can select crops that have the potential to defy the odds and give you higher yields and returns on your investments.

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Pedigreed Seed

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Canterra Canola

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We are a family owned and operated farm located in Northwest Saskatchewan just outside the Village of Richard. Using what we learnt in our agriculture educations and most importantly the experience and knowledge we have gained from the school of hard knocks, we have always looked for the best seed varieties to grow and fertilizers to use that will help our farm meet its end goal - to succeed for generations to come. 

We started as a pedigreed seed grower with Canterra Seeds in 2017.  Since becoming a seed grower, our search for the best seed varieties has not stopped.  This has led us to expanding the pedigreed seed business to now include Alliance Seed and Secan varieties.


Our end goal remains the same but in an expanded form.  We are now working to provide honest, knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy service in conjunction with high quality pedigreed seed and canola seed that we ourselves are not afraid of using so farmers who buy from us can see their farms succeed for generations to come too. 

Box 24  Richard, Saskatchewan   S0M 2P0



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